How to make more money with Gifthunterclub

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1. Gifthunterclub



Gifthunterclub is a 3 years old company from Spain with a nice and friendly interface which users can make money faster than other programs that I’ve tried on the internet. Gifthunterclub is a trusted site with activity on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ which pays really fast.

The points can be earned  by completing surveys, watching videos, viewing ads, listening to radio and more.screenshot fromGiftHunterClub

Offer walls: Offertoro , TrialPay, TokenAds, Personaly, Wannads, Matomy, RadiumOne, PeanutLabs, Adwall and more.

Daily surveys: SSI, Opinion Surveys, YourSourveys, GiveUsYour2Cents

Video –  Virool, Matomy, M Video, Woobi Video, TokenAds

Tasks – CrowdFlower

Radio –  RadioRoyalty


After signing up, users can complete  some profile tasks which also are rewarding with points.

Also, they have referral contest: – The top 3 users with more referrals can win 35$, 20$, 10$ every month. If they sign up, you will get 10 % of the Points they earn. Each referral will start with 10 Points.

Task Contest –   5$, 2$, 1$ for the first 3 users who complete the most tasks every month

La Liga: Make  predictions of the Spanish Football League matches – 100 points for the winner of the week.

Make points by posting payment proofs with comments.

The minimum amount that can be withdrawn is accepted by the following methods:


  • PayPal-from -250 points
  • Amazon gift card –from 1030 points
  • Payza-from 260 points
  • PlayStation Network card –from 2740 points
  • Google Play Card —from 1900 points
  • Itunes Gift card –from 2400 points
  • Xbox Live –from 1700 points
  • Much more….

The methods of converting the points are different:

  • 250 points = $2 Paypal  or   260 points =2$ Payza
  • 530 points = $5 Paypal  or   540 points =5$ Payza
  • 1000 points = $10 Paypal
  • 1000 points =10$ Payza
  • Google Play Card  1900 points =15$
  • Amazon gift card  1030 points = 10$

There are available other exchange currencies too.

The average amount that can be made is about 1-5$/day (without referrals) depending on how much time everyone can spend.

I like Gift Hunter Club because they also have a nice mobile app which can be install via Google Play. If you are a new user on a mobile device, you can insert this code: ACSFNW for another 10 points.

—– Good Luck.—-



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