Build a free website fast and start making money

Build a free website fast and start making money

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Is it possible to build a website for free? Is it possible to maintain a website for a long time without paying from your pocket? It´s possible to create a good website even if you have no skills to do that?


Well, yes it’s all possible through the powerful Wealthy Affiliate platform.

First of all, why do you need a website? A website is a helpful tool for your business even if you have a small one. Many people create their own websites because they don’t want to deal with intermediaries. For example, many websites charge fees when you sell a product of your own or split the profits with you. Through your own website, you can keep 100% of your sells. If you don’t have a product of your own, you can promote other people’s stuff ( from Amazon, Ebay, etc. ) and take commissions when it sells. There are many ways to make money online through your own website. You can just simply blogging about anything that you like.


What does it need?

Except for a few obvious things like a PC, internet connection, it requires two major things:

  1. Time. This applies especially to beginners. It takes time to do something you have never done. It is true that you can create a website in less than 30 seconds but optimizing it requires attention.
  2. Will. If you badly want to make something, then it can be done, even if you don’t have too much time. Like in my case, I spend only 1-2 hours per day reading, learning and managing my website.


What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is a 9 years old powerful website platform, a WordPress web host, a community (a MiniFacebook I can say), a business center, a training University with thousands of members. Here everyone is learning and teaching at the same time because the internet comes every day with new things to learn. WA shows you how to create a successful business online step by step.

There are 2 possibilities to make money through Wealthy Affiliate:

  1. Affiliate Bootcamp is a referral program that contains free lessons and explicit videos about ways to promote your affiliate links. It doesn’t even need to build a website or anything to earn money from referral commissions.
  2. Training courses to start a business online by creating your own website.


How much can be earn:

It depends on how much you can involve in your business. Starting from money pocket, many are quitting their jobs in order to become their own bosses. Dedicated people are making up to thousands of dollars. It´s all up to everyone´s will, time, knowledge, who can be achieved by doing the training courses at WA,  etc.

Like the majority of programs on the internet, the Wealthy Affiliate has 2 tips of members: Starter members and Premium for more advanced users. As a starter member, you don’t need to pay anything.

From commissions, a starter member can make:

=  11.25$  for each monthly Premium referral

=  87.50$  for each yearly Premium referral

= 4$ from the first month Premium ref offer

To answer the questions from the beginning, Starter members can:

  • Build and host 2  free websites that they can  keep them as long as they want.
  • Acces to training videos
  • 2 training classrooms
  • Lesson 1 of WA Affiliate Bootcamp
  • Live Support from owners for the firsts 7 days
  • Acces to beginner training course
  • 30 keyword searches/month


These options are more than enough for a beginner to learn how to create a website fast, that can be ranking in search engines like Google, learn how to sell your product, how to get referrals from social sites or other companies.

Premium members:

Premium membership unlocks the rest of training lessons along with live videos that can be found only at Wealthy Affiliate and access to:

  • Live Video Classes
  • All training classrooms
  • Unlimited Live support
  • Website Backup and Security
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Double prices from referral program

The earnings through affiliate program are:

= 22.50$ for each monthly Premium referral

= 175$  for each yearly Premium referral

= 8$ from the first month Premium ref offer + 1$ when an account is setup.

The premium membership costs 19$ for the first month and then 47$/mth.  To answer the other question from the beginning, as you can see the monthly price can be covered from two referrals (from the start can be 2 real life friends or family members as in my case). More than 2 is already profit.

Why Wealthy Affiliate?

There are many other platforms online that can offer to host  for very low prices but once signing up, it’s bombarding with many upsells, extra pay  for backup, some $ for security, SEO or other stuff that over time will become more expensive than WA. All the advanced information, the hints, the live videos, the backups, the errors checking of your websites, the live support from members( in case that the owners are busy) are included in only one pack.

The best strategy that some members use is to create a free account at first. Then after you gather enough money is to advance at premium in order to become an expert and making more money. This is a good tactic for those who are thinking that this could be a scam. First of all, it’s free to join. You can learn and make 2 websites, keeping them as long as you want for free.

One good reason that I decided to stay with Wealthy Affiliate is the chat. The negative part (I agree with many about it) is that the WA contains a lot of information that can be overwhelming. The chat makes easier the learning process which helps a lot especially if you are using English as a second language like me. You can search for all the people comments, posts to find answers that are you looking, even ask them to check your website working process.

So, if you love working for yourself from home, writing a blog, promoting your business online or just moving your websites to a stronger platform, Wealthy Affiliate is a right choice for you.


Please note: Due the past attempting of fraud and spam, the owners of WA have decided to not allow residents of Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam to register for free. Currently, they still are able to join WA only as Premium members.


Update: From now on the members have the option to buy their own domain name directly from Wealthy Affiliate without needing to make other accounts to Namecheap, Goddady or other places. Everything you need for a website is in one place now.This includes:

screenshot from Wealthy Affiliate

  • WordPress optimized servers
  • The most secure hosting anywhere
  • Full redundancy
  • Daily backups
  • 24/7 website monitoring
  • Fully managed
  • Email & forwards
  • Site Health analyzing
  • Website auto login
  • PRIVATE WHOIS protection

For further information, please leave a decent comment below or simply meet us inside WA. Thanks.

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